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Interview with Ken Takeuchi

Ken Takeuchi is a chief sound engineer at Onomatopoeia, owned by a Grammy® award winner, Matt Kaplowitz.  Ken is responsible for sound design, editing, and mixing for broadcast, CD, DVD, TV, and video.  He has worked on such projects as "Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical", and Billy Joel's "The Greatest Hits, Volume 3."  Ken came to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student in high school, and continued his education at Berklee College of Music.  Upon graduation, his friend employed him at a recording studio, where he gained experience as a MIDI programmer and recording engineer.  In 1995, he was recruited by then client, Mr. Kaplowitz.  Since then, he’s produced top notch mixes at Onomatopoeia.  Today, surround sound is becoming more predominant than the stereo format.  I asked Mr. Takeuchi about creating surround sound mixes.  "The history of the stereo format goes back many years.  On the other hand, surround sound has only been around for five to six years.  So there aren't many traditional guidelines.  It was trial and error to create surround sound mixes.  I went back to review books on acoustics, focusing on the speed of sound, and how it is absorbed by different materials."  His meticulous attention to detail is essential to meeting technical requirements in a surround sound mix.  "The quality of work is not decided by the equipment, but the engineer."  At many studios with the best equipment in New York, it is up to the sound engineer to make it a successful business.  Mr. Takeuchi also shared that it is more important to create better communication among us.  He is currently setting his next sights on creating films.  "As a film director, I want to pursue my artistic expression with the best staff possible."

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