New York Asian LGBT documentary


July 21st, 2007


GAPIMNY15 was premiered at The Second Annual Aomori International LGBT Film Festival today in Aomori, Japan!  Click on the above image to visit their website.

May 12th, 2005

GAPIMNY 15th anniversary film presentation was premiered during their anniversary celebration on Sunday, April 3rd, 2005.  It was received with enthusiastic response, and thanks to everyone who helped make this film come to realization. 

GAPIMNY in 2004 Pride Parade


GAPIMNY 15th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee, Producer

Ken Takeuchi, Director/Editor/Audio-Post Engineer
Ken has been documenting NY API LGBT community since Summer, 2004.  An award-winning audio engineer by trade, he has amassed a highly seleted client list of cutting-edge directors and editors over the past 11 years.  During that time, he gained video production experience by producing and directing 3 music videos, as well as a 40-min documentary for a private client in 2002.  He hopes to create better awareness on our community through this production.

Paula Clayton Goodwin, Director of Photography
Paula is our principal DP & Cinematographer since shooting GAPIMNY during the 2004 Pride Parade.  She not only has worked on various documentary production for major TV networks, but has first-hand experience in working under pressure.  We are honored with her creative insight in this production.

Elizabeth Ellis, On-Location Sound Recordist

Joe Victorine, Cinematographer

Yewson Leo, Production Assistant

Participants (in order of appearance)
Ray Hsia, GAPIMNY Publicity Chair
Glenn Magpantay, GAPIMNY Co-Chair 02-04, Financial Chair
Don Kao, Project Reach Director, GAPIMNY Co-Founder
Jih-Fei Cheng, Asian Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV and AIDS Gay Transgender Project Coordinator, GAPIMNY HIV/Health Chair
Jon Won, GAPIMNY Co-Chair
Pauline Park, New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy Co-Chair, GAPIMNY SC Member 99-00
Sin Yen Ling, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund Staff Attorney
Alain Dang, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Staff Analyst, GAPIMNY Political Chair
Conrad Chu, GAPIMNY Newsletter Chair
Stephen Kang, GAPIMNY Administrative Chair
Weiben Wang, GAPIMNY Co-Chair

Additional video footage and photos courtesey of;
Mario Lugay, Queer Asian Pacific Legacy Conference video footage
Charles To, Details Magazine Protest video footage

Music provided by
Matt Kaplowitz, Onomatopoeia, Inc.

Lighting and additional equipment provided by
Hello World Communications
Gotham Audio


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Thank you,

Ken Takeuchi




Working Title: *** Scroll to the bottom of this email on how to enter the documentary title contest! ***
Subject: Documentary on NY Asian LGBT community and its friends
Estimated Time of Release: Summer, 2006
Estimated Running Time: 120 minutes
Format: Broadcast Video/NTSC


Wanted: interviewees, historians, writers, composers, performers, psychologists, social workers, production assistants, graphic designers, and others who are willing to help our community become stronger than ever before!

Ken Takeuchi, an independent filmmaker, is starting his feature documentary on the New York Asian LGBT community.  Ken's goal is to create better awareness for our community, and our special needs in the NYC communities.


1. History of LGBT Asian immigrants and their counterpart, American born Asians
This chapter will include interview with both groups on why they decided to come to NY, their dreams, expectations, and what it was like to be a double-minority in NY.

a. Early days of the community (1970's-1980's): This section will focus on bars and private groups who supported us early on, as well as stories of how people coped with their everyday lives as LGBT Asians

b. AIDS epidemic (1980's-1990's): This section will explore the effects of the lack of an AIDS awareness campaign in the LGBT Asian community

2. Relationships: This chapter will highlight the joys and nightmares of dating and relationships.  Through interviews, the film will paint a picture of how we perceive ourselves, and our social expectations in personal/professional relationships.  Possible interview topics include interracial/same-race relationships, sex, family expectations, stereotypes, and how all these issues influence one's identity.

3. Pride&Identity: This chapter analyzes how we are portrayed in our society, and its effects on our identity.  We will begin this chapter by using the "Gay or Asian" article featured in the April, 2004 issue of Details Magazine as a springboard.  The section will explore how media portrays our community, and their result on how we perceive ourselves.

4. Family: This chapter reflects on how we deal with our own families, their expectations, as well as Asian LGBT families.  By focusing on how we relate to our respective families, I hope to raise awareness among Asian LGBT community to unite, and create a stronger support system for this unique group of individuals.

5. Voices: The last chapter of this video will be our open message board.  We will interview many LGBT Asians on what they envision in the next 10 years, on both our personal goals and in our community.  Mixing in the reactions from ordinary New Yorkers, the film will contrast and identify what we all share in a melting pot of NYC.

Many sources have already committed to volunteer in this project.

Individuals who are interested in volunteering should contact:

Ken Takeuchi at: KT at
(just replace at with @)

Please include a short descriptions of how you can contribute to this production.

Ken Takeuchi's credits include: sound mixer for the 2004 New England Emmy Award winning, "The Connecticut Impressionists/Seasons of Light", 2000 New York Festival's Best Sound Mix Silver Medal Winner for Smokey Joe's Cafe, 1998 Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest Certificate of Achievement Award, and commercial spots and/or promotional videos for VH1 Classic, Time Warner, Cablevision, and countless others.  Ken has also worked professionally with legendary artists such as Stephen Sondheim, Cameron Macintosh, and Bob Giraldi.  Complete credits/biographical info available on request.  Ken Takeuchi received his BA with honors from Berklee College of Music and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

For more information on Ken Takeuchi, visit:

Notice: This is a commercial production with possible theatrical, rental and broadcast release.  A portion of proceeds from sales of this film will be donated to Asian LGBT community organizations.



*** The Documentary Title Contest! ***

May 12, 2005

Feeling creative?  Please send your ideas on the title that would best reflect NY API LGBT community.  The winner will be selected by the production team and will receive the honor at the film's premire!  Email to: KT at (just replace at with @)